Linetec Is Growing

We’re actively looking to expand our team in electric safety jobs, electric manager jobs, and electric construction jobs. From laborers, equipment operators, and foremen, to project estimators, safety managers, and supervisors, we want to hear from you.

Grid of 8 Linetec worker portraits.

Build Your Career on SOLID GROUND

Solid wages. Solid benefits. Solid opportunities. Join a leader in a thriving industry. That’s what it means to have a career on Solid Ground.

As we grow, so do the career opportunities in our company. We’re always looking for talented individuals who share our Think Ahead philosophy and unwavering values of safety, quality, and service.

Linetec gives you the tools you need to succeed while providing a welcoming environment that values individuals for their unique skills, perspectives, and backgrounds.

Learn about our robust four-year Apprenticeship Program.

Visit to search our available job openings.


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