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Linetec trucks work on electrical equipment.

Our Services

Partnering with utilities and cooperatives, Linetec offers comprehensive transmission line, distribution line, substation, and storm restoration electric services. With the tremendous experience of our managers and crews, we bring the highest levels of safety, quality, efficiency, and value to every project.

Industry-Leading Electric Services

The work we do is critical for communities where we operate, and it takes a highly qualified and committed team to do it safely. We capitalize on the vast experience of our veteran employees using a mentorship model where they can pass on what they’ve learned to ensure our workforce is always developing.

Linetec employees work on power lines.

Transmission Line

Linetec employees work on power lines.

Energizing America: Linetec engineers, constructs, and maintains electric transmission lines and systems up to 345kV. Our service territories encompass urban and rural communities, flatlands, swamps, and hill country. Having constructed numerous transmission lines and structures across these environments for a variety of utility clients, our crews understand the unique needs of each community they serve. Our transmission line services (up to 345kV) are as follows:

  • Line construction
  • Line maintenance, rebuild, upgrade, relocation, inspection
  • Hot stick construction
  • Emergency storm/disaster service restoration
  • Project and construction management
A Linetec Employee works on power lines in Harlingen, Texas

Distribution Line

A Linetec Employee works on power lines in Harlingen, Texas

Count on experience: Linetec performs distribution line construction, system upgrades, and total system rebuilds. The tremendous experience and depth of knowledge with our Linetec crews is amplified by our agile and efficient company structure. Over the years, Linetec’s crews have constructed and maintained distribution lines for numerous IOUs, REAs, and municipalities. From this experience, our crews have unique insight into project execution and the needs of each community we serve. Our distribution line services are:

  • Overhead and underground distribution construction, maintenance, upgrades
  • Joint trench installations
  • Wire stringing and pole setting
  • Emergency storm/disaster service restoration
  • Project and construction management
  • Cable replacement
  • Line relocations
Linetec vehicles carry out restoration services on power lines.

Restoration Services

Linetec vehicles carry out restoration services on power lines.

Let there be light! As part of the communities where we operate, Linetec knows first-hand the devastation that storms and other disasters can inflict. Often left without power themselves, our crews proudly provide storm and disaster response to restore electric service to affected areas and homes. Linetec clients trust us to help their customers turn the lights back on. Our highly experienced crews work tirelessly and safely to repair electric systems, replace damaged equipment, and restore power as quickly as possible. Our restoration services are as follows:

  • Repair electrical systems
  • Replace damaged equipment
  • Restore power when outages occur
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Environmental and Matting Services

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Our services address the challenges of utility and infrastructure projects in difficult terrains like wetlands, dense forests, and steep slopes. We provide environmental matting for stable work sites and access roads, protecting habitats and wildlife. This also aids in complying with regulations and minimizing environmental impact, by preventing contamination and erosion. Our extensive inventory ensures quick response, saving time and costs, especially in sensitive areas. Our environmental and matting services are:

  • Crane and Timber Mat Road Coverage
  • Laminate & Composite Matting
  • Road Building
  • Construction Entrance & Concrete Washout Installation
  • Wetland Reclamation
  • E&S Control Installation & Maintenance
  • Permanent Restoration
  • Mat Cleaning
  • Stream Bank Protection
  • Fencing
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Design Services

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We are the strategic partner of choice for utilities as they plan and execute multi-year capital investment programs. We provide seamless discovery, communications and proposal activities that illustrate our industry-leading know-how and ease our customer’s journey through expert project design, build and management services. Our design services include:

  • Distribution design
  • Transmission engineering
  • Substation engineering
  • Advanced drafting services
  • Survey and land services
  • Asset management
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