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Project Linetec Apprenticeship Hero

Linetec Apprenticeship Program

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Project Linetec Apprenticeship Hero

Project Linetec Apprenticeship San Marcos Tx

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In May 2022, the training team began the apprentice kickoff to enroll employees for Distribution training, and by the end of 2022 Transmission and Underground enrollment will begin. Apprentices enrolled in the reorganized and improved training will receive audio, video, workbook, and face-to-face instruction. Mobile training trailers will also be utilized to bring instruction to apprentices. These trailers will be equipped with audio, video, and various hands-on training tools such as transformers, grounding, and coverup just to name a few. Just envision Linetec instructors arriving with the training trailers and setting up a large screen monitor for video training and opening the back door with tools and equipment ready for learning. 

In addition to apprentice training, foreman and leadership training will be rolled out soon to encourage individuals to reach their full potential and improve the company. It’s not uncommon to hear the training team say, “Everything reflects leadership, everything!”

To develop “world class training,” the training team believes it begins with creating a culture that strives to learn, yearns to train, and understands doing the right thing when no one is watching is essential. A company that embodies these characteristics will benefit from a safe and highly skilled workforce at the ready to support our customers.