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August Is Quality Month

Qm Graphic

Posted on October 13, 2022 in News

Every year, Centuri companies spend the month of August emphasizing Quality, a company guiding principle put into practice every day. Quality is what we leave behind. In other words, Quality means providing predicable and dependable workmanship in accordance with our customers’ standards, regulatory requirements, and best practices. Our ability to provide quality allows the energy infrastructure we build to continue safely delivering fuel and power in the communities where we work, and it helps us to continue earning our customers’ business.

This year’s Quality Month theme is “The Right Way, Every Day”. This short phrase captures the spirit of how we consistently achieve a quality work product. We ensure this by adhering to a Plan – Do – Check – Adjust model.

Plan – Know the right way
Do – Do it the right way
Check – Verify it was done in the right way
Adjust – Continuous improvement

Building a culture founded on Quality takes commitment from every employee. That means holding ourselves and each other accountable for doing things the right way, every day, as well as recognizing those who are leading by example. We each leave our mark on Quality every day by carrying out our individual responsibilities with excellence.

While we give special recognition to Quality during this month, the conversations and activities that take place emphasize the importance of Quality every day in everything we do.