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Employee Resource Groups

Centuri’s strength and commitment to its workforce can be seen in the resources provided for qualifying employees.

The Resources and Support You Need, Whenever You Need Them

Giving employees support structures and opportunities to connect is essential. We do this in part through our DEI Council and Employee Resource Groups, which help support employees’ personal and professional goals, while advancing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company culture. These employee-led groups are comprised of volunteers and open to all Centuri companies.

Mental Heath

Did you know construction has one of the highest suicide rates in the country? The Mental Health ERG focuses on mental health and attacking the stigmas around it while providing resources and education acknowledging that all health is connected to the mind.

Canadian Diversity Network

The Canadian Diversity Network (CDN) focuses on educating all employees on Canadian culture and strengthening the connection between Canada- and US-based workforces while advancing outreach to diverse communities.


CommUNITY bridges our workforce and the communities we serve. The CommUNITY ERG prioritizes how to further diversify our workforce and celebrate the many cultures and ethnicities amongst us, while also giving back to our communities and building relationships and bridges within them.

Women Engaged in Leadership Development

Women Engaged in Leadership Development (WELD) represents the focus and strength of our amazing women striving for progression within the many roles they take both inside the organization and in our industry!

Workforce Empowered Veterans

Workforce Empowered Veterans provides support to current and former military service members. WE-VETS’ primary focus is progression, career opportunities, and resources as a civilian and for Centuri employees who serve in the reserves.